Design-based research – Seeking feedback


I have started thinking about our design-based research proposal and have commenced work on some preliminary thinking.

I have decided that in order to seek peer review on this research proposal I am going to use a combination of Google Docs and this Blog. In the blog I am going to seek feedback in relation to specific sections, paragraphs or ideas, while in the Google Doc will be the design-based research proposal itself.

If you get a chance, would you mind providing me some feedback in relation to my initial ‘statement of problem’ and ‘research questions’? (would you mind commenting below or directly in the Google Doc.)

Statement of problem

  • Using contemporary pedagogical practice and digital tools to increase collaboration and social learning.
    • Finding the mix, supporting the blend: transforming learning using a blended learning approach
  • Using blogs to foster learner development of ePortfolios to depict a learner’s mastery of topics and reflection on learning

Research questions

  • How can blogging assist school aged students to consolidate their learning?
    • E-Portfolio and artefact curation
  • Can an educator’s conception of pedagogy and learning be transformed through the use of a blended learning approach or does the technology just facilitate traditional methods of pedagogy?
  • ‘Is ICT the ‘Harry Potter’s Wand’ for student learning? Does it depend on whose hand is using IT and what ‘spells’ are learnt?
    • Does mastery of ‘the wand’ determine the effectiveness of the educational outcomes or is it rather the ‘sage on the stage’ pedagogical approach of Severus Snape or, rather, the ‘guide on the side’ strategies of Dumbledore?
    • Or is it the transformational ‘magic’ of the digital culture in which our latter day adolescent ‘educational magicians’ (the Harry, Hermines, Weasleys, etc) are immersed?

Thanks for your time and feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

Talk soon



4 thoughts on “Design-based research – Seeking feedback

  1. Mari says:

    Hi Brendon,
    Interesting topics… very similar to the ones in my context. I have commented on your Google Doc as well. Hope it helps! Remember, I’m still a novice in this area, so you should probably take my advice with a pinch of salt 😉

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